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Feb 21

Overcoming Fear

Posted on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Overcoming Fear

Eric Valli, a professional photographer, is dangling by a nylon rope from a 395 foot cliff in Nepal.

Nearby on a rope ladder is another man, Mani Lal, doing what he has done for decades: hunting honey.

Here in the Himalayan foothills, the cliffs shelter honeycombs of the world’s largest honeybee. At the moment, thousands of them are buzzing around both men. Lal, a veteran of hundreds of such attacks, is calm. Not so Mr. Valli.

Describing that moment in National Geographic, he says, “There were so many bees I was afraid I might freak out. But I knew if I did, I would be dead. So I took a deep breath and relaxed. Getting stung would be better than finding myself at the bottom of the cliff.”

He overcame his fears and won a photo competition for his efforts.

That’s an inspirational story.

That’s also not the kind of fear I’m writing about in “the book.”

I’m writing about the fear of God. 

The fear of God is not a fear to be overcome.

Sunday I was reminded again that I need to resume writing “the book.”

In the event you have not heard of “the book”, you can read about it:

Here is the Preface

Here is what I’m calling A Revolution Of Love

Here is The Heart of the Book.

Here is a piece I called Hugs & Embracing God.

More tomorrow.


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