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Mar 16

Our Whale Watching Photos

Posted on Friday, March 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Whale watching — when we finally saw some — was amazing!

While we paid for a whale watching tour — which was educational — according to Hawaiian laws boats could not be closer to the whales than one hundred yards.  Fortunately, while watching from shore on Oahu we were that close, and closer at times.

One evening on Maui we saw two male humpback whales battling over a female.

The first whale rose up out of the water and fluke-slapped [his tail] seven times.  And, then again, fifteen times.  And, finally, eight more.  Then nothing; we guessed someone was declared the winner.  We could hear the sound of the flukes slapping the water from the shore!

Here are some of our favorite photos and one video we took while whale watching.
Note – Their quality is more sentimental than exceptional.
Top to bottom:

1 – Humpbacks are in Hawaii to birth their young; this is a mother whale and her calf
2 – Too late again!  Whales wouldn’t tell me where and when they would breach.
3 – Fluke slaps were cool!
4 – This is what we saw a lot of, whale backs!
5 – Amy was much easier to capture in a photo than the unpredictable whales!
6 – I love this photo of Amy whale watching. She was thrilled to see them leap out of the water!

Here is a link with a video of us laughing while I tried to capture whales breaching at Sandy Beach on Oahu using the video option on my digital camera.  Yes, it was very, very windy!

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