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Jan 9

Our Dream for TreeHouse Support Groups

Posted on Wednesday, January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

While it’s true that love can happen anywhere, there are standards and expectations that provide an environment in which a healthy community grows.

As I wrote yesterday, “every week as I sit in our TreeHouse support groups I am in awe. Teens find hope amid their hurt, faith amid their fears, and love despite their pangs of loneliness…I wish everyone had a community like that.”

I Wish We Did Too

As my friend Hudson pointed out tonight, the following list is a wish list — Imagine If… — based on hopes and dreams. While some of them are possible, and others are measurable, there are on the list that are almost fantasies; but, still we reach and stretch for more.

Imagine if…
• All cliques and barriers were dropped and everyone felt welcomed.
• Everyone felt safe to be real.
• Everyone was willing to be authentic and transparent.
• All the students in TreeHouse were unified together.
• Everyone who comes to TreeHouse hears they’re Lovable, Capable & Worthwhile.
• Everyone who comes to TreeHouse believes they’re Lovable, Capable & Worthwhile.
• Everyone who comes to TreeHouse teaches others they’re Lovable, Capable & Worthwhile.
• Every student had at least one good friend to help them make the right choices.
• TreeHouse could be like a “family” should be.
• We would each take responsibility for our own actions.
• All of us knew the real consequences for our actions.
• We knew how to “fess up” once we screwed-up.
• The TreeHouse staff were always – what TreeHouse Founder Fred Peterson called – “irrationally positive.”
• The TreeHouse veterans were all intentionally positive role models for others.
• We didn’t let low standards water-down our values.
• We knew how to appropriately resolve conflict.
• We modeled how to appropriately resolve conflict.
• We weren’t afraid of other people’s opinions of us.
• We weren’t afraid to fail.
• Fear, insecurities, arrogance and unhealthy pride were powerless.
• We first practiced everything in our own lives before we taught it to others.
• Teens can’t wait to get to school and invite their friends to TreeHouse.
• Every at-risk student in the community was positively influenced by TreeHouse.

Imagine if “TreeHouse” was replaced by the name of your church.
Imagine if…


Note: This list was adapted from a list that Tim Schmoyer authored for Alexandria Evangelical Covenant Church Student Ministries in their Student Leadership Team Packet.

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