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Jun 11

One Love That Is Shared By Two

Posted on Monday, June 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

On Wednesday my wife and I will celebrate our three-hundred month anniversary, okay, actually we’ll celebrate our 25th Anniversary; such is life married to me.

I’m so thrilled to be married to Amy I count  days, weeks, and months, but sometimes in the midst of all that I miss what’s important to her.  What’s important to her, is what’s important to her.

I’ve known it’s gonna be our three hundred month anniversary for more than a year and a half.  I was excited to celebrate it, and then realized, “Wait, we can’t celebrate our three hundred month anniversary, we’ll be celebrating our 25th Anniversary!”  I honestly felt a little disappointed.  Not disappointed about our 25th Anniversary, but I wanted to have two special remembrances!

The other day, my friend Mandy paid me a compliment in front of my supervisor.  She said that she enjoys interviewing prospective employees when paired with me because I ask, “out of the box questions.”

Later when we spoke I thanked her for her compliment, and joked ironically, “Wow, I don’t think anyone has ever referred to me as thinking ‘out of the box’ before.”

I often think out of the box; and then when I verbalize my thoughts, sometimes people to pause.

– Where is he coming from?
– What was he thinking?
– Why can’t he be normal?
– Why does he have to be so difficult?
– Why can’t he be like everyone else?
– Why isn’t he like the 90%?
– Is he from another planet and just visiting us? 1

So it is to Amy’s credit that for the 9130 days since June 13th, 1987 she has looked outside the box and joined me on my journey so that together we have “one love that is shared by two.”

Not all the days have been perfect; in fact, I wounded Amy yesterday with my impatience and insensitivity.

Note: Even when your beloved does not seem to be needing eye contact, put down the laptop when you’re in a serious conversation.

1 – I know people have wondered and said that entire list.

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  1. Thanks for your sincerity and honesty. Congrats on your anniversary! By the way, when you ask out of the box questions I always think “Did he really just ask me that?”…and follow thought is usually, “of course he did”. Hahahha Hugs

  2. Thanks Angi! =D
    <> back!

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