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Aug 13

Olympics: Judge & Jury

Posted on Monday, August 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Caution – Course language used in this post may offend you.

Millions, perhaps a billion people, spent time in the last two weeks watching the Olympics.

While the athletes are judged in their individual events, real life is not like the Olympics. We do not have a right to judge and award people based on competitions of our choosing.

While we do not have the right to arbitrarily create events in which we serve as judge, many people do.

Have you seen, or judged these events?
– Who’s the biggest “b****”?
– What’s up with their yard/house/car?
– Who’s gonna do something about him?
– Who’s kid is that?

Those events are played out every day in people’s imagination.
Those events are judged every day in people’s mind.
Those events are broadcast every day through gossip.

Today you and I have a decision: Will the games continue, or will we see the games for what they are?

Here’s a principle I’m seeking to embrace:

Guard yourself from judgments and comparisons. They’ll hurt both of you!

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