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Feb 12

Off Limits – Flirting With The Taken

Posted on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

You know what I’m talking about here, but let’s go there.

He’s a friendly guy, but when he’s dating someone he seems extra friendly.

The truth is he’s feeling safe and self-confident because his current relationship is boosting his self-esteem, but he doesn’t know that, he just feels like “every girl likes him.”

And, you’re one of them.

It starts with a smile. Another.
A longer look.

He gets your number.
You had his # for a while, but never texted him: Off Limits

He texted: Hey! (Guys can be so bold, hah!)
You reply.
Back and forth, just the news, and then:

A cute comment. Another.

A flirting conversation.
You like it.

He likes it.
It feels good.

You like being pursued.
He likes feeling like “the man.”


If you’re interested in someone who is already dating or involved with someone else, but he/she have been flirting (or more) with you, ask yourself, “Wait!  What am I doing? Would I like it if someone did this behind my back?”

Time to step back. Assess the situation.
Time to step up, and clarify with her/him:

“I have feelings for you, you know I do.  
And I can tell that you have feelings for me.  
But you are TAKEN.

If, in the NEAR FUTURE, you are no longer dating or involved with her/him, and I am STILL available, maybe we could go out.

However, I know this is becoming wrong.  
I will not cheat behind someone’s back.
I would never want someone to cheat on me!”

You have made the bold and courageous decision to stand up for yourself.
And, for the third person.

Now it’s her/his turn to decide.
Time make a tough decision about whom he/she truly wants to date and be with.

Do NOT give in to:
“I just can’t reach her/him right now…(but let’s keep doing this…)”
“We’re broken up…(and let’s keep doing this…)”
“He’s/she’s so controlling I can’t break up…(I need you. Let’s keep doing this…)”

A Reminder: If you’re single, you don’t have to date, or be with anyone!

You were created, born, and are now and always, lovable, capable and worthwhile.

This week I want to bless you and remind of of those realities.

I also want to give you – dating or not – some FREE fun ideas to share with a friend or friends.

Creative Choices

1. Go on a cell phone or camera photo date where you snap pictures of each other at wacky moments or with wacky expressions. You may want to make your favorite your new profile picture.

2. Write a poem, rap, song or spoken word for one another and perform them for each other.

3. Collect magazines, scissors and glue sticks. Cut out words and pictures that represent who you are. Make a collage: Make them. Explain them. Swap them.

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