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Dec 18

Number One

Posted on Thursday, December 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

AshNickChristianProfessional sports leagues have a new player draft to give teams an opportunity to refresh their roster, and bring new skills, abilities and opportunities to their team and prospective players.

When teams and their draft choices are a great fit championships are built. When they are not, writers and fans relish the opportunity to vent in articles like, “10 worst No. 1 picks in NFL draft history.

Careful research, interviews and thoughtful analysis are essential.

Intern Draft

The TreeHouse summer intern draft has been no different (other than the dollar signs). We treasure the opportunity to add a special person to our team and our mission. We hope the person is a great fit. Most interns are.

In 2008 many prospective interns applied. The choices were narrowed down to thirteen. On January 24, 2008 I prepared for our draft.  There were pages of bios and notes and assessments by those who had recruited, conducted interviews and the provided analysis.

The notes contained the name, school, year in school, major, strengths and weaknesses. There is also a grade.

Though every one of my top-5 were rated A-, A, or A+ candidates I did not choose my top-5 based on the grades. As I looked over the candidates I thought about the needs or our students, our culture and the currents strengths and shortcomings of our staff mix. From that list I created “My Top 5 of 13.”

There on the top of my list, highlighted in yellow was my number one and his grade: “Ashley San Filippo (“Ash” – male) – A- “

Fortunately, history and circumstances gave us the opportunity to choose our top choice. Ash was ours!

Summer of 2008

As the days and weeks passed Ash’s strengths determined by our researchers – “great experience, leadership, skilled & passion in teaching, maturity, approachable, feels comfortable in both 1:1 and leading large groups, mature,” all were true.

During a Thursday afternoon in August while Ash and I were discussing Jim Collins’ book Good To Great, I thought to myself, “I could work for this guy.” And, he was just a college sophomore.


By the fall of 2010 a great deal had changed. Ash had married, graduated from college, moved to Minnesota and returned to TreeHouse.

As the 2008 researchers assessed, Ash “gets TreeHouse.”

For the past four-plus years Ash’s impact has been significant in the lives of students and staff alike. In fact, as I was choosing a picture for this post I found one from 2008 with Ash sitting next to a student, Christian Olsen, who later became our summer intern in 2013. Ash’s leadership, and faithful service of the Brooklyn Park area has blessed the lives of many.

Though he’s leaving the Brooklyn Park TreeHouse, Ash continues at TreeHouse as our Project Manager helping us develop world-class training and curriculum resources to bring TreeHouse’s excellent mission and model to communities nationwide.

Final note, though I continue to lead our team in Brooklyn Park, I am editing and writing curriculum. The lead on our team is our new Project Manager, Ash SanFilippo, my “boss.”


Bring on the comments

  1. Ash had made my three years at Treehouse pretty special. As I remind our teens that he is not gone or good and that they will see him periodically, I find that I have to make myself believe that as well. Our staff will be missing a part of it but I know that Jeremy will be a great addition. Great posting Scott!

  2. So good! Can’t say enough good things about your #1 draft pick 🙂 Ash is the MAN!!!!!!

  3. Sorry I missed your sweet and thoughtful comment Alli!
    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Sorry I missed your comment Greg!
    Thanks for reading and commenting; I so agree with you.

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