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Feb 11

Not Dating? GREAT!

Posted on Monday, February 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s Valentines Day week and I have news for you: If you’re single and not dating there is nothing, nothing, nothing wrong with you!

Stop feeling defective.
Stop feeling incomplete.
Stop feeling not-good-enough.

You were created, born, and are now and always, lovable, capable and worthwhile.

This week I want to bless you and remind of of those realities.

I also want to give you – dating or not – some FREE fun ideas to share with a friend or friends.

Active Choices

1. Winter is a great time for a walk to a park, no crowds, no competition push one another in the swings, and talk. Take turns listening and learning about one another.

2. If an outdoor walk is too much for you, instead walk the mall. The goal is not to buy, but to decide which is your perfume and cologne along the way.

3. Work out together. Go for a walk. Jog together. Do a fitness video.

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