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Nov 17

Nook to Android Tablet my Procedure

Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

The past two days I explained that I wanted to to maximize the capabilities of my new Nook Color [NC] without altering its original state.  I explained both my plans and my preparation in detail.  Today I’ll explain exactly how I converted my NC into an Android Tablet.

NOTE: I completed this process using a computer running Windows 7.
My walkthrough requires you to have access to a wireless internet.


1. Insert the micro SD card into either an SD card reader or adapter and insert it into your computer.

2.  Download the generic-sdcard-v1.3.img and unzip the file.

3. Download Win32DiskImager and unzip the file.

4. Downloaded or the file of your choice from:

5. Download Google Apps & the Android Market.  I used the file.

6. Open Win 32Disk Imager.  Click on the blue folder icon to choose the img file you downloaded in Step 1.

7. Choose your img file and click the “Save” button.

8. Press the “Write” button.  The image will install to the SD card.  Remove the micro SD card.

9. Assure that your NC is completely shutdown by pressing and holding the power button (on the top left side of the NC).  Press and hold for the “Tablet options” menu to appear.  Choose “Power off.”

10.  Insert the SD card in the SD card slot in the back of the Nook.
– Lift the compartment labeled “Nook”.  The SD slot is hidden under there.
– Beware, the SD card is small and the slot in not very large.
– Insert the SD card writing side up, metal contacts first.
– Double check that it’s inserted correctly, it should spring out.  Spring it back in.

11. Boot up the Nook by pressing and holding the Power button.  Wait for the CM7boot to complete at which time you’ll see the home screen; wait for the spinning blue cyanogen 7 boot screen to finish.

12. Now that you see your Android home page, look on the bottom of your home page; there are three icons in a menu.  From left to right Android Market, Menu, Browser. Press the Menu button.  Look for the Settings program.  Follow this path: Settings > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi settings. Identify your wireless network.  Enter the password.

13. Shut down the Nook by pressing and holding the power button.  Choose “Power off.”

14. Insert the SD card into the computer again.  Drag and drop (copy) and gapps-gb-20110307-signedzip files to SD card. DO NOT change the file names.

15. Power down Nook by holding the button on the top left of the NC and insert the SD Card.

16. Insert the SD Card. Power on Nook and wait for home page.

17. Program will say install finished “It is safe to power off now” but wait until the screen goes blank.

18. Sign in with your Google account. Click OK.

19. Choose next, identify your location.

20. Select time zone, check automatic then next.

23. Click OK.

28. Click Finish setup.

Now all that remains is to go to the Android Market to gather your favorite Android apps.

My walkthrough is an amalgam of instructions I read in the articles linked below and my own experiences:

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