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Nov 18

Nook to Android Tablet my Prize

Posted on Friday, November 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

My Nook Color to Android Tablet Challenge has been the third time I completed the task.

My mission was to bless my dad with the same options to expand his Nook Color’s power as I was enjoying. The bonus was that I was able to offer you, mysilentscream readers, the secrets to my success.

As I finish this week I’m left with a desire to share four truths about completing a project. I’ve been blessed with many good role models, high expectations and caring support, but with that in mind I know that when I take on a challenge I still have to do the work.

I work hard. I can also obsess. Hard work is an advantage, obsession a weakness.

Here are four truths I am trying to hold tightly.

Focus on the goal, but don’t obsess.

Learn what you can to supplement what you don’t know, but don’t obsess.

Double-check details, but don’t obsess.

Move forward, progress toward completion, but don’t obsess.


Finally, if you would like to buy a Nook Color you can buy one here:
Barnes and Noble: New
Barnes and Noble: Refurbished [refurbished]


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