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Nov 16

Nook to Android Tablet my Preparation

Posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I wrote about my determination to maximize the capabilities of my new Nook Color [NC]. Commenter Angi of peepsarecool complained about the cliffhanger.  Sorry about that everyone.  As I replied, “Would it help if it’s a tale of woe, angst, fear, failure and ultimately success?  It’s like many classic novels.”  =D

Thanks for reading, and now back to our tale of woe and Nook.

Since I was unwilling and a bit timid about the possibility of turning my gift into garbage I read extensively about the ways to mod a NC by booting the Android Operating system from an SD memory card.

I loved reading on the NC, but even before I brought it home I knew that I was going to modify it.  Before you think that I’m more techie that I am, I read on that I could, “simply install (the Android operating system) on a microSD card and run it from there.” 

And, if I wanted to return to using the NC in it’s original state I could take the Micro SD card out of the back of the NC. “This requires no hacks, roots, or anything like that.”

With a level of fear and curiosity I read articles that led me to XD Developers, “a huge community of Windows Mobile and Android experts”, and the forums, where “owners and enthusiasts to learn, discuss, and share knowledge.”

I need two things to continue.  A blank micro SD card and the necessary software to install the Android OS on the card.

I bought a pair of SanDisk 8GB MicroSDHC Memory Cards with adapters from

In order to turn the NC into a multidimensional Android tablet I also had to download four files.

I downloaded:

A.  Size-agnostic SD Card image and CM7 installer for SD Cards.

B.  I needed Win32DiskImager to install the CM7 system

C.  I needed a Nook Color CM7.  I downloaded successfully.  
Almost every day there are improvements made to the CM7.  
I would choose any of the options on the following page today.

D.  Google Apps & the  Android Market

Tomorrow in Nook to Android Tablet my Procedure I’ll explain my installation.

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