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Dec 31

New Year’s Wisdom – Don’t Be Stupid!

Posted on Friday, December 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Oh, I know, you might be thinking, “‘Don’t Be Stupid!’, what right does he have…?”  well, none.  Actually, it’s a phrase that has been used in our house often.  Most often directed at me.

“Don’t be stupid” is a quick phrase we use to remind each other to think before we act.  So on behalf of all the people like me I offer these three pieces of New Year’s Eve advice.

Don’t Be Stupid!

Almost 40% of the motor vehicle deaths involve the use of alcohol by one of the drivers.  That is so preventable!  In 2009 alone more than 33,000 people were killed by people who drank alcohol and drove their car.  My guess is that not one of them planned for their “good time” would include vehicular homicide.  It was an accident.  A preventable one.  If you choose to drink this New Years Eve choose to drink responsibly — wisely within your limits.

Don’t Make Excuses

John Mayer, commenting on the excuses people use said, “You see girls getting dragged out of bars completely drunk self-diagnosing themselves.  I’m diagnosing you as drunk.  You can’t get pulled out of a bar drunk and talk about how you have abandonment issues.  You have drinking issues.  You have red blood cell issues.”

You may have had a pain-filled, terrible life, but please don’t justify your choices based on the choices of others.

Please choose not to get drunk this New Year’s Eve.

Don’t Cause Harm

If you choose to ignore the previous two items, please have a trusted sober friend or family member get you home safely.  I admire my son Josh for many reasons.  At this time of year I think about the times that he rescued others from their own stupidity.  He drove drunk people home.  He protected those he loves.  He protected complete strangers who might have been harmed by his inebriated friends.

Look at the chart below. The blue indicates the motor vehicle deaths.

Make the world a better place.  Don’t get drunk.  Don’t drive drunk.  Don’t let your loved ones drive drunk.

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  1. Scott you should read Freakonomics and Super Freakonomics. GREAT books! You’d like!

  2. Thanks J! I’ll take a look at ’em!

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