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Jan 5

New Years Gift of Education

Posted on Thursday, January 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Christmas is over, but the new year is here.
You enjoy Christmas presents, it’s time to enjoy a New years gift.

I don’t believe on New Years resolutions I believe in doing. Yesterday I challenged you to give yourself the gift of ambition.

This year apply that renewed ambition to give yourself the gift of learning something new.

The Gift of Learning

Everyone I know wants to learn something.
Everyone I know pushes aside some of those dreams.

I know, you’re busy.
Fight off your excuses.

I know you’re tired.
Fight off your laziness.

I know you’re distracted from your goals.
Fight off your learned time-wasters like TV, video games, Facebook, etc.

I know you’re afraid that t won’t be worth it.
Don’t be afraid you don’t have to get a grade.

Take a big step or a small step.

Small Steps:

Search 5min for a quick five-minute education.
Search youtube for for something you’d like to learn about.

Bigger Steps:

You can get a wonderful education for free!   Here are links to great Universities:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


U-Cal Berkeley classes are available on itunes, youtube and via webcast.

and there are several other options from other U.S. schools.

International Education

Would you like an international education?

How about Open University in Great Britain?

Or, maybe an Australian education from University of Southern Queensland?

They all have free classes available.

This new year give yourself a gift; the gift of education.

Bring on the comments

  1. Hey, I searched youtube yesterday and learned about breakers!

  2. That’s sweet Angi!
    I admire your initiative.
    You’re still a wonderful role model for us.

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