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Dec 30

New Year New Thinking

Posted on Friday, December 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

It happened again!  
Someone was standing near me talking and I thought they were talking to me.
I responded to his question.
I heard him say, “No, someone thinks I’m talking to him.”
He was on his cell phone.

Thoughtless Thinking

Some people will say anything on their cell phone while standing in line at a store.

When will she wake up?!?
I can’t believe what a &^%& he is!
I’ve had enough.  I give up.
She’s such a &*^*&!

It seems every week I overhear someone complaining about “it happening again.”

Sometimes things happen again for no apparent reason.  Defying logic, reason and religion sometimes bad things happen again and again to some people.  That’s not what I’m writing about.

I’m concerned for the people who have “it happen” again and again and it’s their own fault!

Mistake School

Not that it’s her fault that her boyfriend cheated on her.
Not that it’s his fault that his boss fired him.
Not that it’s her fault that she got the hardest teacher.
Not that it’s his fault that his car broke down.

But, in a sense it is.

Her boyfriend cheated on her, but she knew he had been a cheater.  She thought he’d be different with her.
His boss fired him — he was sick — but he knew that he’d been calling in “sick” too often. 
She got the hardest teacher, but once again she waited until the last possible minute to register for classes.
It’s not his fault that his car broke down, but they call it preventative maintenance for a reason.

Don’t misunderstand me, mistakes are wonderful opportunities to learn.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

For me the key is: Try not to repeat the same mistakes.

New Thinking

Some of you will probably enjoy the New Years weekend playing cards or going to the casino.  As a public service — I’m smiling — I’d like to offer you some poker advice.

My friend Ryan is a successful, smart, and shrewd professional poker player.  I asked him to review the Poker Money Management Tips.  Ryan, with a minor caveat, approved of their tips. 1

The tips in the following list are Poker Money Management Tips.  They are suggestions to keep in mind to manage your poker-playing funds:

– Quitting after you’ve won a certain amount of money will neither stop your losses in the long run if you are a losing player nor protect your profits if you are a winner.

– Poor players will lose their money no matter what they do. Good players establish an expected hourly win rate whether or not they quit after they’ve pocketed a certain amount of winnings.

– Playing fewer hours by quitting when you’re ahead isn’t always the right strategy.

– If you’re playing in a good game, and you are playing your best, stay in the game unless you have other obligations.

– If you’re in a bad game, get out of it now — never mind if you’re winning or not.

– If you’re emotionally upset, stressed out, fighting the flu, or otherwise not at your best, you’re better off not playing since your maladies will ultimately take themselves out on your bankroll.


1 – Ryan wisely cautions, ” While it is useful in practice to make a guess at your theoretical winrate, it is really just that; theoretical.”

2 – These tips come from Richard D. Harroch and Lou Krieger’s book Poker for Dummies


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