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Jan 14

Need A Jump-start?

Posted on Monday, January 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’m anticipating cold temperature this week. In the Twin Cities this week is the week that historically has the lowest low temperatures.

While I’m driving to work today I realized how cold it really was.


I’m blessed to own a running vehicle.
It’s not always been that way.

Dead in the driveway.
Freezing cold outside.
The wind blowing through my coat.
Howling, as India.Arie sang, “where the wind calls my name.”


My car was cold, hard, motionless steel.


Those words make me cringe: cold, hard, motionless steel.

It’s fine for a dead-in-the-driveway car, but not for people.

We grew up hearing you are what you eat; it’s usually true:
– Our music affects us
– Our friends’ influence us
– Our books teach us
– Our mentors guide us
– Our decisions expose us

Exposed.  Sometimes when our hearts are exposed we seem like my car, cold, (e)motionless and hard as steel.

How’s your character?

Need a jump-start?

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