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Nov 24

myTouch or ITouch, that is the question?

Posted on Tuesday, November 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

We had dropped calls in my neighborhood with AT&T, my first carrier. I had great service in rural Wisconsin, but I had to walk out of my house to use Verizon.

Frustrated, I asked many people who visited my home what cell service they used and then I examined their phone and their “signal bars”. Wisely, we chose T-Mobile. We have had no problems with the our cell service nor with their customer service.
Everyone I talked to loves their iPhone. On the other hand Mashable readers seemed fond of the Google Android phones.

So while I was intrigued by the iPhone, as a T-Mobile user I could not legally use an iPhone. Therefore when I suddenly found my cell’s screen cracked I headed to my local T-Mobile store wondering what options I had.

There I found Jim, Terrance and Zach to be accessible. They seemed to give me helpful help and the kind of honest service I would give my own customers.

I had been using a hand-me-down Shadow that predictably had freeze problems. I chose, after much deliberation, to purchase a white T-Mobile myTouch 3G.

While I am certain that I will never fully utilize all of its features, thus far I really like this phone. My biggest concern was the complete absence of a real keyboard. I am adjusting to how I strike the keys, but i would have had to make adjustments if I had chosen a Blackberry.

I look forward to enjoying this new 3G speed and the versatility of the Android OS and the apps. This far I am very impressed!

And, finally, here: XPS3BW5XMVC5
I’m official!

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