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Oct 5

My PowerBook Saga from a Windows User Perspective, pt. 3

Posted on Monday, October 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

Things PowerBook & Leopard I Love:

It does work, and work very well. There is a learning curve, but it’s not hard.

A good Leopard book will decrease the learning curve like Keith Underdahl’s MacOSX Leopard Just the Steps For Dummies, Hoboken, NJ, Wiley Publishing, 2007.

I feared that the 13” display would be too small, it’s not for my eyes; it’s bright and the colors are vivid. I still prefer a 15″ display though.

I love the automatic backup program Time Machine. I love it’s ease of operation and unobtrusiveness. I use Time Machine to backup on one external hard drive and I use Super Duper to backup on another external hard drive. The Powerbook needs a Firewire HD to boot into.

I like having my dock/taskbar visible and found it best served my needs on my left.

Things I didn’t like:

Bible Desktop and MacSword are inferior programs compared to the Windows version eSword.

Dashboard, like Vista’s Aero, is the kind of resource hogging “eye candy” that I never envision using.

Unresolved Issues

I love the Windows program Sandboxie! I use Sandboxie to protect myself when I’m online with my PCs. I have never had a malware, spyware or virus issue since I have used Sandboxie. While OSX has not been the target of many malware and virus writers they will be. I “sandbox” everything I do online but I don’t know how to protect the PowerBook as efficiently as Sandboxie has done for my PCs. That still concerns me.

I need a good quality Bible program. eSword is a very good. I used Microsoft’s One Note to organize my writing. I tried Freemind but didn’t like it. I replaced One Note with xPad. I haven’t figured about what I am going to do about eSword yet. The Mac options I am familiar with are very expensive.

When I have the money I will probably install either VMWare Fusion or Parallels to use XP and a couple of Windows programs on an Intel-powered MacBook.

Initially I thought Miro can seemingly play any video format, save videos from YouTube, and watch video podcasts but I haven’t committed to it yet.

I have not had time to edit any video footage yet. I look forward to finding out how well this PowerBook holds up.

Apps I use and like:

AppFresh keeps all of your Mac applications up-to-date, automatically.
AppDelete deletes unwanted applications and all the little pieces scattered on your mac.
Audacity edits music files just like it’s Linux and Windows cousins.
Bean is a quick and capable word processor.
Firefox is my favorite web browser.
Frozen Bubble is a nice mindless game to play before I get off the couch to go to bed.
Mac the Ripper rips DVDs to my HD.
NeoOffice is a very good Microsoft Office replacement; though Powerpoint is better.
NetNewsWire to keep me current on all the news and blogs I read.
OnyX cleans up random stray junk.
Seashore edits my photos.
Stickies is an effective to leave myself “post-it” notes on my desktop.
VLC plays everything audio or video except Shorten and I use Cog for them.
xPad to keep quick notes accessible. It almost makes up for missing Jarte.


When the money is available I want a MacBook to replace my present laptop. I found it reliable and a pleasant computing experience. I expected a learning curve and it was less a challenge than I expected. Like so many DOS/Windows veterans before me, count me converted.

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