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Apr 18

My Mom Is The Queen Of Bargains

Posted on Monday, April 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

My Mom Is The Queen Of Bargains.

She’s gotten lots and lots of worthwhile things for FREE.  My mom has cleverly found several ways to legally get FREE items.  Almost every week my mom tried to convince me to get off my couch and go get brand new free things that she has found stores giving away.

My favorite frugal-mom moments are when I have a chance to marvel as my mom finds legal ways have stores pay her to take their products home.  They pay her!

I’ll never be as shrewd or as relentless as my mom, but fortunately my mom taught me to be a wise shopper too.

Stretching Dollars

Years ago as I anticipated the need for a replacement car I researched the owner satisfaction and reliability of different brands of automobiles.

During the manufacturing years I was researching over and over Honda and Toyotas stood out.

When it came time to purchase a replacement car I found a Toyota Corolla that might work for us.

Having been a “company shrink” for a national chain of car repair shop I learned to always, always have a car thoroughly “checked out” before buying a car.

Excursis – It’s not a flawless plan, but in case you missed that point, always, always have a car thoroughly “checked out” before buying that car.

Wisely, I brought the car to our trusty and reliable mechanic.

“Check it out,” we said, “Let me know if it’s worth the money.”

After a careful inspection I was assured “A Toyota’s a Toyota.”

So I bought the car.

“A Toyota’s a Toyota.”

Well, yes and no.

It was a Toyota and it did last 200,000 miles.  It had been reliable, except for the whole replace the engine problem.


Some Surprises Are Pleasant And Some Are Not.

Getting unexpected money, good surprise.

Getting unexpected expense, bad surprise.

Another surprise is an unexpected palindrome.


What’s A Palindrome?

A palindrome is a very unique word or a series of words that if reversed says the exact same thing.  If you’re like many native English-speakers your first two words might have been palindromes, “mom” and “dad”.  See, same forwards and backwards!

Finding something new about God is like discovering a palindrome in a familiar phrase.  We never understand why we didn’t see it before. “A Toyota’s a Toyota” is a palindrome I had never seen before.

I hope as you read mysilentscream this week you’ll find something unique and thought-provoking.

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