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Jan 2

Mouths Speak, Eyes Talk

Posted on Thursday, January 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

eye-close-up-1386149-mI worked with Cheryl, and Wes is a close friend to our family, but I’d only met Amber (Cheryl’s daughter) a couple times.

When Amber first spoke to me about her relationship with Paul and invited me to officiate their wedding I had a blend of feelings. The list was long and enmeshed, but my feelings could best be summarized with these three questions:
Do they know what “love” is?
– Do they share the same definition?
– Do they love one another with that love?

Since I didn’t know those answers I asked the same followup questions I’ve asked many, many couples including, “Tell me why you’re gonna marry. You’ve had other relationships, what makes this relationship different?”

I’ve had the privilege of officiating several weddings, but it’s not something I pursue. I’ve often turn down opportunities to officiate weddings, but when I read Amber and Paul answers I agreed to meet with them to discuss their relationship and their wedding plans.

Scene Change

One morning my son and I joined a number of hard-working people to help Wes “move.” Furniture, electronics and other belongings, and box after box were carried to the truck. My son Josh walked over to me and said,  “You know who’s in the truck don’t you?” I didn’t; and then I realized that the guy I’d been handing boxes inside the truck was Paul.

While Paul stood in the back of the truck I walked over and introduced myself. We exchanged greetings and then I saw him look past me.

I didn’t know what he saw behind me, but he had a sweet look on his face. It was a sweet look, neither syrupy nor sentimental. It was a kind, thoughtful look. Paul was looking at Amber.

Mouths Speak, Eyes Talk

I’ve met men with many different looks on their face when they see the woman they “love.”
– Angry
– Caring
– Controlling
– Delighted
– Dismissive
– Kind
– Resentful
– Respectful
– Submissive
– Tenderhearted

Paul’s look was sincere and unrehearsed. It was that moment that I knew that their relationship was on solid ground. Of course I couldn’t be certain, but I was as sure as I could be having just met a person.

What do your eyes say about those you “love”?

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