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Apr 29

More April Fools

Posted on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

flame3We all have blind spots in our life; misguided thinking, bad decisions and the like. Often times other people can see our blind spots but we either ignore, deny, or dismiss them.

On the other hand, sometimes we look at and assess others and assume what we see are their blind spots. Sometimes it’s us who can’t see clearly when we judge the lives.

Here are three people some would calls fools that I admire for their courage.

Three “Fools” I Admire

Erica grew-up a nice, sweet, home-schooled Christian girl. Instead of choosing the safe-route of being a nice, sweet elementary school teacher, Erica dared to be a “fool.” I’ve joked many times that Erica is the “queen of empathy.” I’ve never known anyone who doesn’t enjoy a conversation with her. Erica is sweet, caring and compassionate, and her empathy – her ability to connect with someone’s feelings, desires, ideas, and actions – is remarkable. For more than a decade she’s worked with teens who seemed nothing like her, so that together they could all be more like Jesus.

Wayne became a well-respected and well-liked educator. A decade of teaching earned him the security of a tenured position. Rather than thrive in the security of the educational system, he did something “foolish.” He quit. He left the comfort of a tenured teaching position. For twenty years as my supervisor, Wayne would mold and shape me too. Since Wayne left his teaching position, Wayne worked for longer hours, at less pay than he would have as a teacher in the hope that the students, parents and staff he worked with would become “fools” for Jesus like he is.

Mandy – a Florida girl to her core – loves the sun, the sand, the water, and the heat of the South. Raised in Florida, all of Mandy’s family is in Florida. Mandy moved to Minnesota in February – place she barely knew three people – stopping in Milwaukee where a friend loaned her a winter coat. Mandy had never seen snow, much less drive in it or shovel it. Mandy moved to work for TreeHouse a job that includes fundraising; she would have to fund-raise from people who lived more than 1500 miles away in Florida! If that wasn’t absurd enough when a tornado destroyed her Minnesota home, instead of returning to Florida, Mandy stayed in Minnesota. Why? Because she loves and follows God’s lead.

How Do They Do It?

“Because of my personal value system,” Ben Carson wrote, “because I know why I do what I do, I’m usually more than willing to take a risk.” That’s what I see in Erica, Wayne and Mandy. 1

These three heroes seemed to have blind spots. Each of them seemed to be fools, but they put their faith in God. And in doing so, God brings blessings to others through them. I am an eyewitness that those blessings have been nothing short of incredible!

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1 – From Ben Carson’s Take the Risk: Learning to Identify, Choose, and Live with Acceptable Risk available here.

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  1. I admire these people. Thanks for sharing

  2. Me too; you’re welcome Angi.

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