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Dec 26

Mondays with My Old Pastor by José Navajo

Posted on Wednesday, December 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Sometimes, all we need is a reminder from someone who has walked before us.”

José Navajo was a young burned-out preacher. While spending Mondays with his old retired pastor Jose found his faith reignited.

This began a weekly spiritual direction and mentoring relationship that last for years.

When the old pastor had passed away he left a treasure chest of wisdom behind  for José.  

“When you read this I will no longer be here. I mean, I will not be at your side, although the reality is that I will be there in the fullest sense of the word: I will have finished my race, and I will be enjoying the long-awaited reward of gazing at my Lord face-to-face.”

Principle Number One
Everything begins with loving God. Either we love the One we serve, or our service will become arduous and boring work. Don’t work for the church of God; serve the God of the church.

Principle Number Two
Watch over and preserve the health of your family. One of the most powerful credentials of your ministry is your family, beginning with your marriage.

Principle Number Three
Spend quality time with your Bible. Any other book informs; the Bible transforms. All the others contain facts; the Bible contains power.

Principle Number Four
You either love those you serve, or you will stop serving them. It is impossible to dedicate your life to serving those you do not love. When love runs out, the joy of serving turns into obligation and hope into disappointment.

Principle Number Five
You are valuable. You are not one in a million, but rather one in six billion people who inhabit this earth. Only you can be you.

Principle Number Six
Be willing to forgive. It is impossible to move forward under the weight of resentment. And at the same time, be willing to forgive yourself. When you make a mistake, remember that a failure is not failing; failure is not trying again.

Principle Number Seven
Always stay grounded and levelheaded. After your greatest triumphs remember that your feet are still made of clay. Get over your failures, but don’t allow your triumphs to defeat you.

Principle Number Eight
Pray. Make prayer a habit. Minutes spent with God make the day profitable. Hours spent with Him make life triumphant.

Principle Number Nine
Laugh as much as you can, and do it daily. Laughing has healing properties, and it is a gift from heaven. Walk, run, play, and laugh.

Principle Number Ten
Greatness is knowing how to be humble. God is not looking for shining stars; He prefers vessels of clay to minister His treasure.

Principle Number Eleven
Respond faithfully to the One who has chosen you. Faithfulness is demonstrated by staying where God has placed us, even though our parcel of land is located on the toughest slope of the mountain.

Principle Number Twelve
Learn the tremendous value of trials and difficulties. The most beautiful skies are always related to the darkest places, and the most difficult times are doors to better opportunities.

Principle Number Thirteen
Changes in the night? Never! Wait for morning to come. Don’t make changes during times of storm. (Augustine of Hippo)

Principle Number Fourteen
Honesty: a highly prized value in heaven and earth. Who and what you are come before what you do. Your life comes before your job.

Principle Number Fifteen
Learn to form a team. Jesus discipled a few to send them out to many. The key to effectiveness is not in doing the work but in recognizing who the right person is to do it.


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