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Aug 25

Mirror Clash

Posted on Monday, August 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

mirror-56762-mIf every time you looked in the mirror you saw someone different looking at you at would add to your stress too.


The process of adolescence is complex and unpredictable. The young person experiences physical changes that catapult their childish frame into that of an adult. The intellect intensifies to form logical patterns of thinking and begins to formulate future plans. The teen also struggles to form an identity separate from that of a child or a mature adult. Meanwhile, the teen is faced with issues of morality and must make critical decisions about sex, drugs, and other social behaviors.

Teens need psychological support and an important source of stability during this period of constant change. Good families try to provide stability.

Anger Comes Home

Almost comically, stability is both what teens need and what they do not want. The constant change leaves many teens worn out and fatigued. Surrounded by equally frazzled teens makes for a tumultuous state of mind.

Adolescence is conflict. Conflict within and conflict with others.

It is important to realize that conflict is normal, but it is not automatically good or bad. Conflict is a natural part of life since there are honest differences among people due to the fact that no two people possess needs, desires, plans, methods, views, values, personalities or actions that are exactly alike. If you are alive, you are going to come into conflict with others.

While fighting to define themselves amid the constant change adolescents also feel an increase in autonomy. This increase with autonomy often is in conflict within the family system.

Anger is a sign of pain.

#mysilentscream: Anger is a sign of pain; see it for what it is.



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