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Jun 14


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1111You know that I’m hungry and feeling sorry for myself when I post about food twice in the same week.

I love Thai food; and my dairy-free and gluten-free wife and I can both enjoy Thai food.

Amy and I may disagree on which Thai restaurant has the best Thai food, but we don’t often complain if one or the other suggests we get take-out, especially after a long day of gardening.


One evening after a long day of conquering weeds I called Reuan Thai in Osseo, MN and placed our order.

In my fatigued enthusiasm I drove off.

When I arrived I was greeted by Paula our favorite server. She brought our bag of yumminess and calmly said, “Do you want to pay your other bill today?”


I had totally forgotten my wallet one day when I took a friend out for lunch. I whimpered, whined and apologized to Paula and said that I would pay it back promptly; that was two months ago.

Paula was gracious. I was apologetic. I paid for both checks. And, then I tipped her generously.

Jesus told his listeners, “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” 1

I don’t know how Paula will receive God’s mercy, but I believe that she will.


“The worldly wise will, of course, say, ‘Woe to the merciful, for they shall be taken advantage of.’ And outside heaven’s rule there is nothing more true…The merciful are always despised by those who know how to “take care of business.” Yet outside the human order, under the great profusion of heaven’s goodness, they themselves find mercy to meet their needs, far beyond any ‘claim’ they might have on God.” 2

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy,” is not a human perspective. It’s a divine one. Fortunately, people like Paula are gracious enough to practice mercy and I am fortunately enough to be the recipient of God’s mercy expressed through her.

“Mercy can be freely received and freely shared, let’s do so generously” is mysilentscream.

1 – Matthew 5:6, NIV

2 – From Dallas Willard’s book Divine Conspiracy

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  1. Great reminder to be merciful!

  2. A reminder to us all; thanks!

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