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Oct 18

Marriage – Questions

Posted on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Brandon and Susie Kline got married last week. They brought together family, friends, faith, fun and laughs. 

You and I react emotionally to a photo like this even if you don’t know the couple.

Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and musings about marriage come from somewhere.  We are all affected by nature and nurture — by genetics and environment — and by culture, both corrupt and commendable.

Marriage.  It’s just a word, but we react to it. 

For many of us, the feelings about the word run deep.  They echo into the past and resound with feelings buried deeper than we realize.

Think back to when you were a kid, what movies or TV shows do you remember affecting your view of dating and marriage? 

Disney movies?  Cinderella?  Little Mermaid?  Aladdin?  Parent Trap?  The Cosby Show?  The Simpsons?   

How did they affect you?  What thoughts, feelings and beliefs about marriage come to mind?

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  2. A little off topic but I couldn’t help it.. This is at the Ft. Snelling Chapel isn’t it?? I know that because of the pastor. He was the same pastor that did my friend Diane’e wedding a few months ago.. nice guy but a tough one.. his way or the highway kind fo guy.

  3. You’re right Tom. “nice guy but a tough one.. his way or the highway kind fo guy.” or his way and he owns the highway!

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