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Mar 25

Living Simply Through The Day

Posted on Monday, March 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

prayinggirl-15599_640Yesterday my friend and pastor Steve Wiens recommended three prayers for Holy Week this year:

1. God, reveal where I’m enslaved and set me free.

2. God, reveal where I’m wandering, and help me remember my covenant.

3. God, reveal where I’m hidden and help me to see.

While thinking about the value of praying these prayers these quotes from Tilden H. Edwards came to mind:

Some of us are more naturally night people or morning people. Our situations further influence what time is best to set aside.

The advantage of the early morning is the way it sets our attentiveness for the day.

The advantage of the evening is the way it re-integrates us and settles us down for the night.

It is ideal to set aside ten minutes to an hour both morning and night, giving more or less time as our situation allows.

More important though is not the number of times or duration, but our deciding on some time and duration and sticking to it, at least for a trial period of a few weeks.

This means that once we’ve decided to do it, we treat it like brushing our teeth; it is just something we do, without agonizing over it each time.

Brushing our teeth, once it’s a habit, is very simple. So is prayer time.

If we leave open a crack for re-deciding every day, then it becomes complicated. We’ve undercut the very simplicity that prayer time can reveal. When you feel resistance to prayer time, just lightly see the resistance, and get on with it.

Don’t judge your resistance. Don’t even judge yourself if your resistance is so great that you give up your discipline one day. Judgment complicates our resistance and turns what is simple into a heavy struggle. Just gently notice what has happened, smile, and go back to your discipline the next day.”

Prayer is meant to be a gift and a facet of a personal relationship with God. Prayer is not meant to be a chore or burdensome.

“God, help us as we pray” is mysilentscream.

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