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May 20

Life’s NOT fair. What are you going to do about it?

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depression-20195_640Angi, in response to Legacy Measuring Stick commented, “What is your legacy measuring stick? and “What’s a next step for you to make progress?” Not a clue…”

In case you missed it, I replied:

Isaiah and his listeners had a similar concern.
That’s why God taught them:
Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you;
therefore he will rise up to show you compassion.
For the Lord is a God of justice.
Blessed are all who wait for him!

So, each of us should live present in the moment.
While we pray, listen and wait.
Give it time.
It will become more evident.

Legacy Markers

A few years ago I had several appealing intern candidates. If you’ve ever hired from a pool of apparently capable and qualified candidates you know the challenge to choose wisely. In order to choose wisely I intentionally try to fight off impulsiveness and pray, listen and wait.

One resume stuck out to me. I prayed for wisdom and pounced. I hoped that Ash SanFilippo would be a good addition to our team. I was right.

Ash had several attributes that were appealing, but with hindsight what most appealed to me, even today, is that Ash and I share an interest in helping those caught up in the net of human trafficking. One of the “legacy markers” Ash chose was to support the work of Emmaus Ministries in Chicago.

Life’s NOT fair. What are you going to do about it?

This weekend in four sessions we challenged our TreeHouse audience to think about their responses to the unfairness of our human existence. Ash talked about his experiences with Emmaus Ministries. He began with a compelling question.

Why Are You Not A Prostitute?

There were many answers to the question, including:
I respect my body.
My parents and friends wouldn’t approve.
I don’t approve.
I have better plans.
It’s illegal.
I don’t want to get pregnant, raped or kidnapped.
I prefer to live disease-free.
I have self-respect and respect for others.
I want to save myself.

One answer, “I’m not that desperate,” stuck out to me.

As Ash said, the prostitutes he met believe they have “no other option.” Ash’s work with Emmaus was to talk to the male prostitutes he met on the streets and tell them that they had options; better options than staying on the streets trapped in the lies of “no other option” and sex trafficking.

The book of Hosea tells a compelling story of the prophet Hosea.

God is a God of compassion. God told Hosea to marry a prostitute to give her love, hope, safety, a family and a home. Trapped in her own lies, time and time again Hosea’s wife Gomer would run back to her old lifestyle. Filled with the compassionate love of God, Homer pursued Gomer again and again.

As Ash explained, the moral of the story is “God is willing to forgive and redeem; we should too.”

Life’s NOT fair. What are you going to do about it?

“Be willing to forgive and rescue the lost” is #mysilentscream.

1 – Isaiah 30:18, NIV

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