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Oct 2

Lessons From The Top

Posted on Thursday, October 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

true-falseI spent hours today listening to and reading the lyrics of the current Billboard Hot 100. Every generation has it’s spokespersons. Musicians are often viewed as spokespersons of their generation. I was looking for insight and wisdom.

What I found were some very common themes.

Today I’ll share these.

Lessons From The Top

Life has no meaning.
Life is short; play and party hard.

Don’t waste time searching for meaning. Life is random and painful; get high or suffer through it.

Payback and revenge make wrongs right.
I can find meaning through fun, fame, cars, jewelry, etc.

Life has meaning if you are having sex; lots of it.
My life had meaning, but my lover left me.

Since I was screwed by others I have to live angry and/or unhappy.
Other people’s lives have meaning, but mine doesn’t, can’t and won’t.

I was looking for signs of life.

I did find some. I’ll share those tomorrow.

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