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Dec 6

Lessons From The Backyard

Posted on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

When I was a boy my mom’s parents, my grandparents, liked to call me “Scotty the scientist.” Then, and now, it fits.

I love to learn; about you, our family, our friends, our neighbors, and about our neighborhood squirrels.

 Yesterday I showed you a picture of “White Paws.” 

 White Paws lives in the tree in our backyard.

 This summer my wife Amy loved sitting in our   backyard. She loved to read and to listen and watch  the birds who visited our yard. This year she expanded her bird house collection and feeding schedule.

We now have seven bird feeders that all attract different birds.

Amy loved the orioles, and the hummingbirds, the gold finches and the black-capped chickadees, the cardinals and the squirrels.


Actually, Amy was so annoyed this summer with the antics of the squirrels. It seemed as soon as she would fill a feeder the squirrels would empty it onto the ground.

While it frustrated Amy I loved their daring leaps from the lilacs to the feeders. I loved their willingness to use their front paws to scoop out food from places that would seem inaccessible.

I admired their determination.

David Brinkley once wrote, “A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her”.

When adversity hits, when the prize seems out of reach, remember that your circumstances may be better than it appears to be.

While we found ways to thwart the squirrels, eventually we grew to admire them.

Don’t make the mistake that many have made and live down to the opinions of other people’s. Don’t give into their small dreams, their hopeless small-minded limits.

With God’s help we can expand our awareness and realize that you and I are bigger than the situation.

This squirrel realized that we were willing to provide food. He literally came to our door and asked for food. Now we have a regular feeding schedule for birds and for squirrels.

This squirrel improved the whole squirrel neighborhood with his initiative.

Think about those situations in your life that you need to rise above.

What can you dream of?
What can you do this week to make that dream more possible?
Who can help you?

Bring on the comments

  1. I dream of completing a 24 endurance race at Tsukuba circuit. I need $120,00 for this one race. This week I interviewed for a minimum wage job which will help me gain the language skills I need to to achieve my goals as an immigrant in a foreign country.
    Squirrels are best defeated by peanut butter smeared on rat traps.
    I remember seeing this same species of grey squirrel running across the top of my fence as a teenager and shooting it dead center with my pellet gun. The squirrel fell down like a target at the shooting gallery game at the carnival, but somehow it’s claws remained embedded in the wood and 2 seconds later it popped back up like a zombie and kept running. I will be like the squirrel hungry for bird seed.

  2. “it popped back up like a zombie and kept running.”

    Doug, thanks! That’s a hilarious analogy!

    “I will be like the squirrel hungry for bird seed.”
    Doug, determination is one of your trademarks. I know that you’ll be proud of yourself for your relentless pursuit of the seeds you want!

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. […] White Paws lives with White Paws in a nest in the tree outside our sliding glass […]

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