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May 15

Legacy Measuring Stick

Posted on Thursday, May 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Yellow_Ruler512What are you known for?

Your family?
Your friends?

Your car?
Your house?

Your trendiness?
Your frugality?

Your kind heart?
Your rebellious streak?

Your sweet singing voice?
Your big mouth?

I’m known for many things. I might be best known for my unpretentiousness. I am who I am. But, if I settled for “who I am” I would miss out of much of my potential.

Potential is who we could be.
Potential is what we could do.
Actual is what is.

The actual you and the potential you are both measuring sticks of your legacy.

Measuring Sticks

There are many measuring sticks of “who we are.” How do you measure yourself? How do others measure you? Better yet, Daniel Henderson wrote, “Real success is the legacy we have deposited in the hearts of those closest to us in this life.” 1

I have spent a lot of time with my friend Sophia. I have made deposits in her life and she has made deposits in mine. Yesterday Sophia, in front of a small group of our friends told me how much she appreciated my “bluntness.” And then, without hesitation added, that in her observation my bluntness can also one of my greatest weaknesses.

There is a value to measure: Bluntness
How much does the bluntness benefit and bless?
And how much does the bluntness burden or create a barrier?

There is a measuring stick.


Measuring sticks do not have to have “perfection” at the end of the legacy stick.

Henderson adds, “Only imperfect people leave a legacy. A legacy is not about some standard of unachievable virtue. Legacies are not made of supersanitized stories and better-than-thou behaviors.”

I love that.

Bluntness can be a blessing or a burden, sometimes I get it right, and sometimes I’m wrong and have to fess up; but if there is one thing I am most proud of that I am fighting off my fears and insecurities. The result is that I am unpretentious. I am genuine.  WYSIWIR: What you see is what is real.

Good and bad, wise and foolish, admirable and immature.  It’s all here.

There is nothing that I am willfully deceptive about; nothing fake about me.  

There are far more valuable attributes I’d admire in you, but based on my past lies and insecurities, and my desire to become who I am meant to be, unpretentious is a perfect benchmark for the legacy of me.

What’s right for my legacy, may not be what’s right for yours.

#mysilentscreams: “What is your legacy measuring stick? and “What’s a next step for you to make progress?”

1 – From Daniel Henderson’s book, Deeper Life, The: Satisfying the 8 Vital Longings of Your Soul available here.

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