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Jun 25

Learn Empathy

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People Challenges

My first year at TreeHouse was challenging. During that first year I quickly realized that despite an excellent education, wise mentors and patient supervision that I was unprepared.
– Unprepared for the pain I would see
– Unprepared for the emotions people would express
– Unprepared for the evil “loved ones” would perpetrate
– Unprepared for the diverse values, motives and philosophies of life

People, caring about people, is challenging.

Learn Empathy

Every emotionally healthy person can learn empathy. We can all develop what called our “ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” 1

Empathy tries to understand what they do.

Empathy requires us to put ourselves in their shoes.

Empathy starts with the assumption that what others do make sense to them.

Empathy helps us to better understand what they’re going through.

Empathy challenges us to believe that he or she had “a good reason” for what they said or did.

Relationships improve when we learn the art of empathy.

More tomorrow.

1 – I entered the “define empathy” on


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