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Keep Your Love Alive

Keep Your Love Alive, has encouraged, inspired and challenged readers to deepen their love-life, their friendships and their relationships in their community.

When Amy I began dating I wanted to love Amy, really love Amy, but I didn’t know how. I didn’t know that I knew what loving relationships really looked like, or even could look like.

So I asked questions, read books, listened to experts and learned and learned.  Fortunately, I even applied some of it.

Keep Your Love Alive is about building loving relationships.

Show Appreciation
Hope Helps: Hope helps. Don’t hide.
Keep Learning: Relationships, like art, require skills, initiative and determination.
Choose Win-Win
Honor One Another
Work Together: The world would be a more loving place if we chose to work together.
Work Together, pt. 2
Power Under Control: “Love never fails” relationships are mutually beneficial.
Good & Angry: The Positive Value Of Conflict
Move Mountains: Don’t settle for “it’s too hard.”