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Mar 10

Keep Your Love Alive – Keep Learning

Posted on Thursday, March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

I love art.  I admire artists.  I love learning how the artist develop their ideas.

Have you ever paused a movie to look at the detail they created?  I love it.

Are you watching SyFy’s Faceoff?

Face Off is a competition exploring the world of special-effects make-up artists.  Each episode takes the viewer into the mind of the artists.

Name Drop Alert: During our missions trip to Mon Valley, PA I asked to tour a special effects art school. It was neat to see all the young artists developing their skills. Last week while my wife Amy and I were watching Faceoff suddenly I burst out, “I met her! I’m sure of it!” Faceoff’s Megan Areford was my tour guide!

Wanna Be An Artist?

My friend Jeff said to me, “everyone is an artist”.  While Jeff may have been trying to lift me out of my art-shame, his well-intentioned and encouraging words gave me hope.

One Sunday morning our church invited artists to apply to provide art for our Good Friday services. I thought that would be so cool. I love art.

While driving home a week later I had a ridiculous idea; a ridiculous idea: I’d like to do art for that!

Ridiculous? You have no idea.

The last time I took an art class was more than twenty years before and I squeaked by with a “D”!

“Art, in public, no way!”, but my imagination was fighting, and winning, in the battle against my fear.

I called my friend Mary who knew of my art-shame. Patiently she listened to me talk about my idea. Mary patiently encouraged me, and with some coaching and encouragement Mary and Amy helped my idea come to life.

The next day I called the church.  Many competent and capable artists, even some professional artists were providing their work. I did not mention my art, my history, my shame or my complete lack of skills, and yet somehow I got permission to participate.

After weeks of anticipation Good Friday arrived. A gathered my supplies, Amy prayed for me and I left for church.

While driving to church all of my fears and all of my art-shame collided. Tears ran down my face. The flow got stronger, I had to pull over.

Crying along Elm Creek Boulevard I prayed, “God what am I doing?  WHAT am I doing?”  With God I can be completely vulnerable. Praying, I sobbed “What the **** am I doing?”.

Suddenly, with a will that I did not have, I blew my nose, wiped my tears, and put the car in gear.  I drove to church.

Ironically when I arrived I was told that I would be doing my art on the stage!

Creating Art Despite My Fears

As people arrived and throughout the Good Friday service artists worked.

When people walk over to my piece I asked them if they would like to add to my work.  Handing them a wooden hand print I invited them to squeeze some paint onto my work and put their “handprint” into it.  Within minutes DOZENS of men, women and children lined up to join me in creating my art.

I am sobbing on my living room writing this because this was one of the greatest moments of my life. It was ridiculously cool!

Wanna Be A Great Lover?

Here on stage in front of hundreds and hundreds of people, I, a non-artist created a wonderful work of art with the help of others.

Relationships, like art, require skills and initiative coupled with determination. We all need help to learn how to create loving relationships. If you want to keep your love alive, it’s scary and risky but keep learning. As Gary Smalley wrote:

3. Don’t go it alone. Welcome fresh insights of other perspectives—from extended family, friends, good marriage books, or a qualified marriage counselor.

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  1. What an encouraging story, thanks for sharing Scott.

  2. It was such a hard and exhilarating day!
    Thank you for reading and commenting Angi!

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