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Mar 23

Keep Your Love Alive – 100% Human

Posted on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Everyone I know is selfishness; some more than others.

It’s funny and sad, but I have met so many people who actually don’t struggle with selfishness at all.  They believe that their selfishness is a right, a responsibility, an entitlement, a debt, an only source of hope or their single hope of survival.

Trapped in a delusion of autonomy those kind of people are the users of society.

Fortunately, and I say this carefully, fortunately, for those people we have tragedies.

Tragedies expose our humanity.

I am not a CNN-aholoic, a Fox News freak nor do I await the “truth” arising from the Institute of Public Accuracy, but I have been captivated reading the stories of heroism, benevolence, compassion and care following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

According the the New York Times JIm Wallis is one of President Obama’s spiritual advisors; he’s also one of mine. I’ve never met Jim Wallis but his writing is always thought-provoking. In a blog Wallis wrote last week for Sojourners’, Wallis wrote:

” God’s Politics
We Must Pray and Act for Japan
by Jim Wallis 03-17-2011

Once again, we are seeing human and environmental tragedy. In Japan, a natural disaster has destroyed all human attempts for control. Half a world away from the United States, a nation is in shock and the mourning has just begun. Japan and its people will never be the same. The world is seeing, once again, incredible stories of pain and loss, and, in the midst of all the suffering, other stories of hope and heroism.

There is no satisfying theological explanation of why such things happen; the earth shifts and the oceans rage. Why here? Why now? Nobody really knows.

In a very sad way, these catastrophes bring people together. Around the globe, people have been moved to help. It’s often somebody else’s pain and loss that reminds us of what is important and what is not — and even what it means to be human.

Of course, there is a very human temptation to just turn off the TV, to shut off your heart and your mind, and say that it is all just too much to take in. Yet, the images that are hard to see and the stories that are hard to hear are often the ones that change us most, and indeed they should. As a Christian, I don’t have easy answers to this kind of human suffering, but I believe it breaks the heart of God — and that means it should break our hearts too. We should feel pain when we see others in pain.”

“We should feel pain when we see others in pain.”

“We should feel pain when we see others in pain.” Healthy people do.

Gary Smalley wrote, “As we reach out to another, our own needs for fulfillment and love are met.” Even selfish people get satisfaction when they help others. How do I respond when I see strangers in pain?

1. Pray for God’s help to be kind.
2. Pray for God’s help to be honest.
3. Pray for God’s help to be caring.

And then I act on my heart’s promptings.

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