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May 13

Judging Others

Posted on Monday, May 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

gavel_4Recently a friend posted on Facebook: “Remember that we are human. Before you judge us or decide how you’ll deal with us, walk awhile in our shoes. If you choose to judge us still, we have one request. Take the time to learn the facts, then judge us for who we are and not for who you think we are.”

I know I won’t see you do this, but by a show of hands, who has had to face a challenge bravely even though other people didn’t understand?

While you were facing that situation, what feelings did you experience?

Next time you have a judgmental thought rise up within you, before you draw all of your conclusions consider those feelings you experienced when you felt unknown or misunderstood.

How might you be feeling in their shoes?

It doesn’t mean they are right and you were wrong, or the reverse, but it does help us to pause and not be satisfied with our immediate assumptions.

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