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Apr 8

Josh and Mya

Posted on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Josh and Mya This is Mya and Josh.

If you don’t know Josh, he’s my son and I’m honored to be his dad. If you don’t know Mya, she’s Josh’s dog. (We might look alike, but Mya and I aren’t related.)


On the fourth anniversary of Taz’s passing, Mya joined our household. The significance of the timing was unintentional; but certainly noteworthy and ironic.

Mya had been homeless.
Mya was placed in foster care.
Mya was posted on Craigslist for adoption.

Mya is a burly, strong, friendly, welcoming, brute. We believe that she’s half bulldog and half pit bull. Her head, as you might notice from the picture is huge. When she yawns, her gaping mouth lead my daughter to intentionally misquote the movie Finding Nemo, “Shark-face, Oh-Ha-Ha!”

It took Josh about half an hour to decide that Mya belonged with Josh and Josh with Mya. It took him less than a day to lovingly bond with her.

In the first week I learned key things about Mya. She’s honest. There is nothing fake about her.

Mya is smart, and a quick and capable learner. Mya is remarkable and adaptable. On the other hand she’s sneaky-smart and has tricked us more than once.

Note: I’m amazed; whenever a dog joins a household that the dog has to learn a new communication style, language and set of values.

I admire Mya’s loyalty; she bonded with Josh almost immediately. I admire her willingness to go out of your way to help others have a better life. She loves to play and invites you to join her. I admire her strong will. She’s a good dog, but wow, can she be stubborn.

It’s funny, but two weeks with Mya taught me more about Josh too.


Josh was born twenty-two years ago today. He was born into a loving family, and has never been homeless.

He has many positive traits, as well as his less evident strengths.

Josh is honest. There is nothing fake about him. You see, Josh can seem intense, even rude at times. I’m learning that the other side of that is he’s a very sincere, zealous, intentional and decisive person with strong convictions.

While some people give into peer pressure, Josh seldom has. On the other hand, viewed as stubbornness that trait can annoy me. The boldness with which he expresses himself reveals just how strong his convictions are, and how uncompromising he holds to his standards.

I admire Josh’s loyalty; his willingness to go out of his way to help others is somewhat legendary. More than once he might have been manipulated, but he’s still an uncompromisingly loyal and caring friend.

There is much more that I can say about Josh, but today I’m celebrating his birth, his life and his dog who seems just like him.

Oh wait, one more thing. Josh is patient, especially with Mya. Josh is neat, clean and handsome (just ask his girlfriend). Mya is a slobberer. Josh patiently wipes her mouth after every trip to the water bowl.

Today’s #mysilentscream is two-fold: Happy birthday Josh! And Mya, “Shark-face, Oh-Ha-Ha!”

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  1. Aww cute

  2. She is. He is. They are. =)

  3. Oh I love this post! Mya is adorable. So is Josh. Your second born reminds me SO much of my second born. Aren’t we lucky?! 🙂

  4. Thanks Tonya; yes Sis, absolutely! #family

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