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Nov 12

Job Opening – Facebook Czar

Posted on Thursday, November 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

If Facebook reorganized and posted a job opening for Facebook Czar — the Head Honcho, the Top Dog — would you want the job?

No more need for you to join the “MEMBERS WANT THE OLD FACEBOOK BACK!” group!  No more frustration that you can’t send feedback!  You won’t care that is IMPOSSIBLE to contact anyone at Facebook regarding problems — unless YOU want to address them!

No one would get their account disabled unless YOU wanted them to!  Hate someone’s comment?  Gone!  Hate someone’s song?  Gone!  Hate someone’s hate group?  Gone.

Would YOU like to be the Facebook Czar?

We love control, don’t we?

Don’t we complain when they make unwanted changes to Facebook?

We hate when people change the radio station when we like the song.  And, when people change the channel in the midst of a critical sports play, look out!

We like to control what music we here — you’d never listen to your iPod if you hated the music on it.

We speed in our cars, run red lights, text when we drive and justify it — we like to make our own rules.  As if it’s all up to us to decide.

Sadly, life often reminds us that we do not have the control we daydream about.  H1N1 puts us in bed, tests are hard, jobs are lost, crushes choose another, our team loses, friends let us down, and loved ones die.

We do not have the strength we need to overcome all of life’s adversity.

God said: I Am Your God

God invites us to admit and submit — But our pride, our fears, our lack of faith and our need for control gets in the way.

I Need Help And So Do You

I need God’s strength each day, but some days I admit it more than other days.  This week was my birthday, it was a great day.  Recently I had a terrible day; a friend died.  That day I needed God’s strength; I had none.

Therapies Help Strengthen Us

As I processed my feelings and grieved and supported others, I spanned the panorama of grief “therapies” listed in a good article on psychcentral.

Many of my response were subtle efforts to have control in the midst of the uncontrollable:

1. Work is therapy – I tried to keep busy.

2. Socializing is therapy – I sought to support others.

3. Organizing is therapy – At least I could control my stuff!

4. Taking action is therapy – I spent time with loved ones — listening and sharing, comforting and being comforted.

5. Food is therapy — Yeah!  Fortunately I did not default into destructive old habits.

6. Planning is therapy – I sorted and organized people and ideas!

7. Religion is therapy – I prayed for God’s help for myself and for those who grieved with me.

8. Writing is therapy – I thought and wrote about my affection for my friend.

9. Art is therapy – Not so much for me — I used to get Ds in art.

10. Learning is therapy – In learning I could control some of the input.  Much of my thoughts involuntarily went to grief and consolation.

11. Reading is therapy — See #10

Therapies Are Not Enough

All that was important and meaningful to me, but nothing was as comforting as spending time with God crying through my feelings, reminiscing though my memories, and processing through my thoughts.

I like to pray simply:  “Please…I’m sorry…thank you…”

God doesn’t need flowery, churchy words.  Don’t be afraid you’ll say it wrong.

You want more suggestion?  Let the Bible be your guide.  Let Jesus be your example.

Getting to know God is rewarding, strengthening and it’s life transforming.

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