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May 29

Jesus Christ Loves Richard Leakey

Posted on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last week the Huffington Post’s headline read, “Richard Leakey: Evolution Debate Soon Will Be History.”

Having read Leakey’s writings off and on for three decades I acknowledge he’s unearthed great finds.  Unfortunately, Leakey’s closed-mindedness limits the perspective of his conclusions.

Richard Leakey is an expert paleoanthropologist, but he is not an expert on everything.

I don’t think evolution disproves (or proves) the existence of God.

Complex Complications

Our planet has incredible complexity.  Leakey may have faith that he can draw links between ancient bones, but he cannot explain how life on this planet evolved to become completely dependent on a set of essentials. 1

Light is essential for most plant and animal life; and if electromagnetic radiation altered humans would be extinct.

Carbon is both stable enough to form key compounds, and flexible enough to form those bonds easily.
Oxygen is very combustible too much or too little oxygen or carbon would end life as we know it; without oxygen, no water.
Water has amazingly unique thermal properties, it’s solvent capabilities and it’s viscosity.

And, if the nuclear bonds and gravitational forces were much weaker most of the Earth’s hydrogen would turn into helium and our watery planet would be dry preventing most plant and animal life from existing.

Current scientific theories still leave many questions unanswered:

Perhaps Leakey is right and “in the next 15 to 30 years” paleoanthropologist’s scientific discoveries will…”
– explain the incredible gap between micro vs. macro evolution
– reveal the missing transitional life forms (e.g. fish to amphibian)
– unearth the origin of the prebiotic material which evolutionists suggest life evolved from
– explain how coded DNA can evolve into the complexity that is the human brain.
– and will explain how genetic code can be replicated with exacting precision from one generation to another

Perhaps it will all happen and “even the skeptics can accept it.”

BUT that would take far more faith than than I have.

I think it takes less faith to believe that two thousand years ago:
– A deity — our Creator — came to earth
– That deity — Jesus Christ — demonstrated his power over natural laws,
– He taught life-transforming principles
– And then he died
– The Creator died protecting his favorite creation — human beings like you, me and Richard Leakey — from our own errors
– And then the deity proved God’s power over life and death by coming back from the dead.
– Eyewitnesses to those events were so transformed that they told everyone they knew what they saw and heard
– They told it in exacting detail until it was finally written down.
– Then those words were meticulously transcribed for generations because those historic events, memorable stories and life-transforming principles were so remarkable.

You don’t have to agree with me, but I believe that that takes less faith to bridge the gap and believe Jesus Christ is our Creator, than it does to bridge the gap and believe that evolution will someday explain all those scientific mysteries.


1 – Michael Denton’s book Natures Destiny explains in detail our planet’s extra-ordinary design.

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