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Jun 8

Invincible Love

Posted on Friday, June 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Love is invincible facing danger and death.
Passion laughs at the terrors of hell.
The fire of love stops at nothing—
it sweeps everything before it.
Flood waters can’t drown love,
torrents of rain can’t put it out. 1

My friends Ashley and Jesse are getting married today!

Their relationship is years in the making.

Their infatuation has faded, but they still look at each other so sweetly.
Their infatuation has faded, but they still want to make one another happy.

How can they build on that kind of love?

How can you build on the love you have?

How can we have an “invincible” love that…”laughs at terror“; a lasting love “that stops at nothing“?

It takes commitment.
It’s hard
It’s work.
In my experience it requires divine help.
I need God’s help to be better than I am.

How can you build an “invincible” love that…”laughs at terror”; a lasting love “that stops at nothing”?

Here’s three disciplines that will help:

Go out on dates, alone, but together.
You’re a hard workers.
Life is busy.
No excuses, schedule time together; regularly.

Communicate clearly.
Does she need encouraging words, acts of service, or gift giving?
Does he need quality time, or physical touch?
Learn how to “speak” one another’s love language. 2

Finally, remember to forgive faults.
Amy and I have agreed not to let more than 24 hours pass before we settle a disagreement.
Guys, she will need you to express that to her when she feels scared.
Gals, he will need you to express that when he feels insecure.

Do you want a strong, powerful, romantic love life?

How can we have an “invincible” love that…”laughs at terror”…a lasting love “that stops at nothing”?

I need those three disciplines, and I need to pray, “Please God help me overcome my selfishness.”
Pray, yes, but it’s also mysilentscream!


1 – The Bible contains a book of romantic love poems called the Song of Songs.  That quote is from Song of Songs 8:6-7 (The Message Translation).

2 – I learned the term love language, and the power of those five “love languages” from Gary Chapman.  You can find his book here.

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