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Nov 26

iFunBox Rescued My Data

Posted on Monday, November 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have an unlocked iPhone 3GS running IOS 4.1 because a year ago it’s all I could get working with my carrier T-Mobile. 

I took some great footage of a Bela Fleck concert and I didn’t know how to get the 2.6 GB file off of my phone.

I looked for help.

The best help was in a Lifehacker article “The Best Desktop File Explorer For iPhone” in which they suggested we use the FREE iFunBox program to upload and download freely from our iDevices.

Note: iFunBox has both a Windows and a Mac version.

A quick download (1.3mb) with a quick and easy install I was ready to go in two minutes.

It’s an intuitive program that downloaded to my MacBook Pro in less than 3 minutes about 3GBs worth of priceless pix and videos.

Five minute solution!

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