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Apr 26

If I Walk Away by Josh Groban

Posted on Friday, April 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

endless_walk_to_the_beyondHave ever felt like running from your problems? I don’t know if I’ve met someone who hasn’t.

Josh Groban’s If I Walk Away is about running away.

I’ve felt like the singer. I felt like running away from my problems, but I’ve always hoped that someone would notice if I did.

We Run

Some people run away by running away from home or from relationships. Other people run away through
– “safer” online relationships
– trying to sleep their problems away
– remaining immersed in video gaming
– numbing themselves with drugs or alcohol
– or, pacifying their fears with porn (images or romance novels)

Josh Groban sang, “If I walk away, Please follow me.”

Jesus told a story to explain how God feels when we walk away. 1

Once there was this man who had two sons. One day the younger son came to his father and said, “Father, eventually I’m going to inherit my share of your estate. Rather than waiting until you die, I want you to give me my share now.” And so the father liquidated assets and divided them. A few days passed and this younger son gathered all his wealth and set off on a journey to a distant land. Once there he wasted everything he owned on wild living. He was broke, a terrible famine struck that land, and he felt desperately hungry and in need. He got a job with one of the locals, who sent him into the fields to feed the pigs. The young man felt so miserably hungry that he wished he could eat the slop the pigs were eating. Nobody gave him anything.

So he had this moment of self-reflection: “What am I doing here? Back home, my father’s hired servants have plenty of food. Why am I here starving to death? I’ll get up and return to my father, and I’ll say, ‘Father, I have done wrong—wrong against God and against you. I have forfeited any right to be treated like your son, but I’m wondering if you’d treat me as one of your hired servants?’” So he got up and returned to his father. The father looked off in the distance and saw the young man returning. He felt compassion for his son and ran out to him, enfolded him in an embrace, and kissed him.

The son said, “Father, I have done a terrible wrong in God’s sight and in your sight too. I have forfeited any right to be treated as your son.”

But the father turned to his servants and said, “Quick! Bring the best robe we have and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger and shoes on his feet. Go get the fattest calf and butcher it. Let’s have a feast and celebrate because my son was dead and is alive again. He was lost and has been found.” So they had this huge party.

Did you know that God’s pursuing you, waiting for you, right now?
It’s true. Like the rebellious son, all he had to do was start forward.
God, like the father, is looking for you now.

Do you have a story to share when you realized that God pursued you?
Share it.

God’s desire is for a personal relationship with each one of us. Regardless of who you have been, what your have done or haven’t done, if you’re willing to take a step in God’s direction I can guarantee God is already there looking forward to building a relationship with you right where you are at.

1 – Luke 15:11-32, The Voice

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