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Jul 19

I Take Risks

Posted on Thursday, July 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

I take risks.

I do, I take risks.

When you read that you might have thought:
“What kind of risks?”
“I take risks too.”
“Risks? I like playing it safe.”
“I love risk-takers.”
“He’s in his forties, he shouldn’t be taking risks.”
“I used to be a risk-taker, but I’ve gotten burned.  Now I play it safer.”

And, if you know me personally you know that I don’t:
– Free-climbing a mountains
– Free-dive for octopus
– Sky dive

I don’t, but I could.

I love taking risks that are fit this R.I.S.K. acronym:
R = Reasonable
I = Inquisitive
S = Smart
K = Knowledgeable

I want to take risks that have a reasonable likelihood that the risk is a wise decision.

I am an inquisitive person. I want to take risks that support my curiosity.

I want to take risks that are smart, so afterwards I don’t say, “That was stupid.”

And, in order to try to safeguard myself from “That was stupid” moments I gather as much information as possible to assure that if I take risks that they have as much knowledge behind the risk as possible.

I’m off to meet with a university professor who teaches potential risk-takers.

More tomorrow.

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