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Jun 15

I Screwed Up!

Posted on Friday, June 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

I screwed up!

Monday I wrote that we have One Love That Is Shared By Two.

Tuesday followed with The Vows We Keep.

Wednesday I celebrated with a Happy 25th Anniversary to US!

Thursday I looked ahead believing that it was The First Day of the 2nd 25 Years.

Friday, I’m aware I screwed up.

I knew it wouldn’t take long.

I’m not perfect, and never claimed to be, but, seriously, it only took one day!?!

Let Me Explain 

Amy needed my support and I was giving it to someone else.
Amy needed my listening ears and I filled them with someone else’s words.
Amy wanted my best and she got my attention as she laid in bed after 1:00am.

AND, that was after she DIDN’T:
– Scold me when I lost my wallet.
– Remind me of all the ways I should have prevented it.
– Judge me for my forgetfulness.
– Respond fearfully that our debit cards would be stolen.
– Accuse me of carelessly losing what little money was in the bank.
Amy DIDN’T do any of that.

I panicked.
I raced around.
I looked everywhere.

I also realized that:
– When my friend Heather lost her phone I lacked compassion.
– When I lost my wallet I suspected innocent people of stealing it.
– When I lost my wallet I wished that I had the information readily available.

So, Heather, I’m sorry for my cold-heart.

Dawn, thank you for the suggestion to photocopy my cards — front and back — and store them in a safe off-site place.

Amy, I’m sorry for how often you get the leftovers. Let’s keep working together to create what God called “invincible” love.

I want invincible love!

This is my hope for us.
This is my prayer for you.
This is mysilentscream.

PS – I found my wallet.  Where I left it.

Bring on the comments

  1. Awwww… another reason why Amy is a great role model especially on how to be a loving wife. It is nice to be able to follow an amazing example. Scott, thanks for being vulnerable and sharing that you make mistakes too. I am glad you found your wallet.

  2. You just make me laugh! 🙂

  3. Angi, yup she’s a star.
    And whew I’m glad I found my wallet!

  4. Laughed with? Laughed at?
    I’ll just say, “Thanks Lynn!”

  5. I love you! I am looking forward to the next 25 years, with and without the failures, because I get to be with you;)

  6. <> I am blessed by you, and by God! <3

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