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Mar 18

I Buy Coffee

Posted on Monday, March 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

cup-2691_640Back to the door
Laptop on the table

Earphones in my ears
Music playing

If I sit in this coffee shop for more than an hour I’ll watch people come and go.
– Maybe I’ll smile at them
– Maybe I’ll nod a hello
Usually we’re silent strangers.

A couple of minutes ago two guys sat at the table behind me.
I knew that they were there three feet away.
I barely even looked their way.

It’s an interesting bubble of space: being close to strangers.


My music stopped
I heard my neighbors talking
They’re planning the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

I smiled to myself.
I nearly laughed.

I was writing a post for today about being an introvert.
And I’m about to do a very not-shy thing.

I got up from my chair.
I walked to the register and bought two gift cards.

I sat down and turned toward my neighbors.
They both looked at me.
I smiled again.

I said, “Gentlemen, my music stopped and I heard a committee planning meetings. For years I’ve gone to the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, and not once did I plan it. Thank you for serving us.”

Then I slid the gift cards toward them.
They smiled.

Introductions were made.
I met Adriaan, an area pastor, and Jeff, the mayor of Brooklyn Park.
Small world.

They offered to let me join them in the future.
I smiled, and declined, “Thank you for doing what you’re doing. I’ll buy the coffee.”
We all smiled.

Come back tomorrow: Being an introvert is different from being shy.

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  1. Oh man. You passed up such an opportunity to have a voice in BP!!! I know you don’t want to be apart of another meeting, but you could have had a say in bringing some really good people to speak and could have had a voice to bring in someone to speak to sex trafficking in the Brooklyns!! A bunch of pastors in one place to hear about it, what could have been better than that. At least as a start.

  2. I’ll see what I can do! =)
    I <3 my #passionate #wife

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