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Apr 23


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Cat - Beware of dogMost people have blind spots. I do. You do.

This week on we’re looking at a few common blind spots.

The classic blind spot is the justification, “Do as I say, not as I do.” The person or persons believe that the rules should apply to other people.

That must be how, as one woman pointed out, “There are countries that enforce strict ‘puritanical’ laws – no drinking, no parties, no intermingling males and females etc. Yet, members of the ruling class have their lavish parties, lots of alcohol and women etc etc. Is that hypocritical?” 1


Blind Spot: Hypocrisy

A hypocritical person says one thing and does another. He pretends to be someone he is not. She presents an image of herself through actions and style or in conversation inconsistent with her real principles and practices.

Every day I hear people share examples of their hypocritical blind spots.

A father who expects his daughter to follow advice he won’t abide by. He won’t even to bother to justify the discrepancy.

A young women, might have strong views against abortion, but when filled with fear regarding her own unplanned pregnancy she feels very tempted to terminate the life of the baby.

A friend who expects other people to filter what they say, but believes that she should say anything on her mind under the covering of being “open” and “honest.”

Parents who expect their children to choose wisely, but demonstrate the same desperate “grasping-for-straws” hope-filled recklessness that their children are accused of using.

A champion for the health and safety and lives of others who neglects her own needs with a dismissive, “I’m fine.”

We all have our blind spots.
Am I willing to see mine?
Are you willing to see yours?

1 – Quoted from “Which is the world’s greatest hypocrisy practiced by people??” on

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