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Nov 2

How To Get Along With People

Posted on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Norman Vincent Peale taught a generation of people to improve relationships, set aside differences and build community.  Here are a few of his insights.


1. Like. If you genuinely like people, like to be with them, like to talk with them, and like to be helpful to them, you will find that people generally will like you. When mutual liking exists, people get along with one another.

2. Interest. Always be interested in the other person’s activities and ideas. Direct conversation to the other’s interests rather than talking about yourself. If you are absorbed in another’s interests, he will become attentive yours and you will have a pleasant time together.

3. Likeable. To be liked and to get along with others it’s necessary to be a likeable person. Practice the old saying, “To have friends, be friendly.”

4. Names. Practice the art of remembering names. To accomplish this, give attention to the other person so that his name will register. Realize that a person’s name is important to him, so remembering names will help you get along.

5. Easy. Be easy to get along with. Be a comfortable sort of person, so that there is no strain in being with you. Be an “old shoe” kind of individual. Be homey, down-to-earth.


Specific source unknown, but attributed to Norman Vincent Peale

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