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Nov 3

How To Get Along With People, Part 2

Posted on Thursday, November 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

As I mentioned yesterday, Norman Vincent Peale How To Get Along With People. Here are a few more of his insights. I believe that these principles will help you and me to improve the depth and quality of our relationships.

6. Stimulating. Cultivate the quality of being stimulating. If being with you makes people feel better and more alive, you will be sought after and your personal relations will be excellent.

7. Scratchy. Personal relations deteriorate when a person has scratchy elements in the personality. That is to say, do not rub people the wrong way. Be relaxed and affable.

8. Sensitive. Avoid being on edge and sensitive so that you are easily hurt. People instinctively shy away from the super-sensitive for fear of arousing an unpleasant reaction. Avoid the temptation to react with hurt feelings, and you will get along with people.

9. Heal. Sincerely attempt to heal on an honest basis every misunderstanding that you may have with others. Mentally and spiritually drain off your grievances and maintain an attitude of good will with everyone.

10. Do. Love people and do things for them. Perform unselfish and outgoing acts of friendship. Such sincere self-giving inevitably leads to pleasant personal relations. It is all summed up in a familiar Scripture admonition: “Do for others what you want them to do for you” (Matt. 7:12, TLB).

Specific source unknown, but attributed to Norman Vincent Peale.

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