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Aug 8

Hope: What You Want

Posted on Thursday, August 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Evanescence_What_You_Want_single_coverartAs you begin reading today, give Evanescence’s song “What You Want” a listen.

I asked some friends at TreeHouse, “What line stands out? Why that one?”

My friends Erin, Gabe, and Kelly liked:

Do what you, what you want
If you have a dream for better

Erin and Gabe agreed, “I like doing what I want.” Kelly added, “If you want to do something, don’t let people hold you back from doing something good.”

Chris liked:

Stand and face the unknown (got to remember who you really are)

Chris added, “The unknown is scary. I have to stand and face it.”

The lyrics, “Tear down the walls and free your soul” was a popular line.

Kelly said, “If something is meant for your safety leave it there. Take down the wall – brick by brick – maybe with a friend’s help.” Mandy added, “When we let people love us, and we love ourselves we can tears down the walls.”

Denny liked:

Somewhere beyond the pain
There must be a way to believe

Denny said, “If you’re hurting somewhere you have to have face it for it to get better.”

Jocelyn liked this line:

Somewhere beyond the pain
There must be a way to learn forgiveness

Jocelyn added, “I’ve learned it’s pointless to hold a grudge.”

Evanescence’s Amy Lee penned:

Somewhere beyond the pain
There must be a way to believe
We can break through

Hope is elusive, but essential. Mandy and Jocelyn both agreed that, “no one can control me or change me unless I want to change.”

However, we hope for something we have not yet seen, and we patiently wait for it…Let your hope make you glad. Be patient in time of trouble and never stop praying.” 1

1 – Romans 8:25; 12:12, CEV

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