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Oct 2

Honestly Corrupted

Posted on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Corruption Challenged

Why do people feel compelled to tell their friends that they like their ugly shirt? That “their hair is so cute”? That they enjoy a song that they’ve never heard? Or, watched a movie they’ve never seen?


I believe that it’s all boils down to a fear of rejection. Too often we are held in bondage by fear; that if we are honest that people will reject us.

I have found that people like and trust me more since I chose to always be honest than when I tried to say what I thought that they wanted me to say.

I began this by saying that honesty saved a life. In twenty years of watching people watch other people self-destruct I can tell hundreds of tragic stories.

I’d rather not.

Instead I’d like to repeat a story of honesty saving someone’s life.


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