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Oct 18

6 Reasons To Check Your Tongue

Posted on Friday, October 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

sign-donotcrushWe’ve all done it.
We’ve lashed out.
Defended ourselves.
Attacked the other.
We justified our choices.
We felt our self-pity.

That might have “worked” in the past.
There is another way.
The time is now to model a new strategy.

The Truth

You’ve been hurt. You’ve left the wounds. You’ve felt the hurtful words and you’ve thrown the verbal jabs and painful punches.

It’s counter-cultural, but I’d really like to encourage you to take to heart the value of humility.

God gifted us with strength and abilities not so we could choose self-control. Though we might be able to justify our defenses and hurt others, we could to protect and help others.

To Protect and Serve

I’ve mentioned Charlie Shedd’s books Letters to Karen and Letters to Philip before.

Charlie wrote, “I get the feeling that to be humble means to face up to the difference between what we are and what we ought to be. The greatest people I meet are rich with this kind of humility.” 1

When we choose humility, we trade it for:
– Undisciplined thoughts will have to be checked.
– We’ll have to set aside our cruel criticisms of ourselves and others.
– Reckless words will have to be reigned in.
– We’ll have to censor our tendency to be judgmental.
– Gossip will have to go for humility to have room to enter in.

Here are six benefits when we live humbly. Some of them are:
– Humility empowers the courage to give an honest self-assessment.
– Humility empowers the grace to apologize sincerely.
– Humility empowers the patience to hold our tongues when we should
– Humility empowers the friendships that overcome mood swings.
– Humility empowers the marriages that have staying power.
– Humility empowers the peace needed to offer forgiveness.

It’s worth it.
You can do it with God’s help!

Let’s #MakeTheWorldABetterPlace is mysilentscream.

1 – From Charles Shedd’s Letters To Karen

Bring on the comments

  1. My hurtful words still haunt me today at times. Things I have said, or shouted out of frustration or anger are shameful. When I want to say something that is not kind, I ask myself “how will this be helpful?, the last time I said something like this what were the effects”? This always stops me in my tracks, and I can easily rein myself in. Thank God for forgiveness for my past and the ability to have self control.

  2. As we always say at TreeHouse, “You’re Not Alone.”
    But you’re the first to step up and admit it.
    Thanks for being brave and humble.

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