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Oct 17

Honest But Hurtful

Posted on Thursday, October 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

freeimage-2675170-webJustified By Anger

“You gotta be yourself…”
“I was like…”
“But then that b**** said…”

“She talks too much!
“I woulda told that hoe…”
“But that stupid b**** said…”

“Hey, I’m just being REAL…”
“I’ve gotta be able to say how I feel. I don’t care, I’m stand up.”

I know you’ve heard it.
Have you thought it?
Maybe you said it.

Justified By Self-Pity

Can’t relate to any of those? How about the awkward moment when you realize you’re wrong in an argument, but you keep arguing anyway. Or your daydreaming your way through those perfect conversations where finally everyone agrees the other person was at fault.

I was the king of prolonged conversations I’d never have.

I felt like I deserved it. I usually just felt worse.

I was the king of my own excuses.

Let’s not hurt others.

Let’s stop justifying our revenge.

Let’s #MakeTheWorldABetterPlace is mysilentscream.


Bonus: A song by the band Staind called King of Excuses expands on the warning.

Maybe it’s not your style of music, but these words ring true.

You’ve lied so much you think its true
Do you know what the truth is?
How does someone get to be like you?
The king of all excuses
I trusted you
I trusted in you
This time you’re gonna get it
All the things you’ve done coming back to
This time you’re gonna feel it
Your conscience slowly suffocating you
In time you will regret it

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